We had a pretty low-key and stress-free gift celebration at the Darby home this year. I have everything I need and want, so the awesome stuff I got from my friends and family is icing on top.

I have vivid memories of not too long ago, when my wife, son, and I weren’t as financially stable. Our Christmases, which are always decidedly absent of Christ (we observe gift-giving, but not glory-giving), are also a time for us to think about what we have and what we need, and to be thankful the distance between the two has never been more than we can handle. I’m happy my lady and I can see eye-to-eye on what is most important for our family, and while we sometimes have wide differences in our personal tastes for what’s fun over the holidays, we can always come to the common understanding that since we have us, shit is probably going to be cool.