Techstars: Week One.

My first week with Techstars has come to a close. I had originally planned a mid-week post on getting to know everyone, but that didn’t happen. Things were pretty hectic. Last week was a rush of teams, mentors, lectures, meetings, chats, lots of coffee, and fewer cigarette breaks than I’d like. It was definitely good though. I’ve never shared space with so many talented tech people since the time my mom took me to a Windows Chicago/95 lecture. It was great meeting everyone, and hopefully I’ll get names sorted in my mind by the end of the coming week.

While there are a few teams that will likely be on my radar more than others (either because they need my help more or because we have more in common culturally), all of the teams are full of super talented, super intelligent people. I sat in on a few mentor meetings and I was immediately impressed with how apparently humble the mentors were. They were warm, welcoming, and sincerely interested in the challenges likely to befall the startups they were meeting. They addressed everyone with concise criticism, concern, and real-talk. You might know I’m always a sucker for that real talk.

I did a day of 30 minute meetings with each of the teams on Friday. We discussed their particular design concerns, and hopefully I pulled my weight offering advice and strategy to get their visual dilemmas figured out. I headed out of town with the family for a much needed off-grid weekend, but I’m excited to get back into the shit with the startups.

Here’s to another week on that grind.