Techstars: Weeks Five & Six, or WTF, time and space are collapsing around me.

I once was told of a mutant who could twist space around him and now it seems that I've met him.

I was working. A lot; like, not just a lot for me, but a lot for even a normal person. The teams here at Techstars Cloud have been on their respective hustles as well. Some of the teams had some hard deadlines these last two weeks, all while dealing with the normal day-to-day business of business. As far as I know, everyone met their deadlines. Managing directors got memed, Werewolf was played, and good times were had. I mean, people were even having gangster-ass pool parties to celebrate milestones out here, bruh.

People are generally back in their grooves, especially as compared to the recent unpleasantness of the work/life strife. The teams seemed in pretty good spirits, but the tension is still pretty palpable. There’s still tons to do. I’m just doing me. I’m taking it easy, managing my time, and trying to afford as much as I can of it to each team based on need. It’s hard to keep it together though. Some days, I’m one snooze button press away from not having enough time to do what I’ve promised I’ll do for a team.

I get it, though. You’re like, “Okay! What’s the secret to effective time management?” I’ll tell you.

Slip-on shoes. That’s it. Shoes without laces, in general. You’re welcome.